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diff. (8 mm Hex driver) 2. I plan on changing out the trans fluid on my Sti in the next couple of days but had a few things I would just like to clar up before I start. Next, place a container under the differential to catch the fluid, and remove the drain bolt with a hand or socket wrench. Specifically a 10mm Allen socket, Torque wrench designed for 20 ft lbs, an oil drain container, and teflon tape can't hurt. Somehow the thought of “lifetime fills” just seems like failure inducing logic, but hey, I’ll live with it for a while longer. 23 Jan 2019 Differential oil is exactly the thing that cares for the differential maintaining. They are all the same. I will say it is different than most diff fluids I have used. 4) 2qts. What type of axle differentialfluid does it take for our vehyicle. What fluid is recommended for the rear diff? I dont have an owners manual nor do i have a service manual but this weekend is supposed to be warm so i wanted to change the diff fluid before it gets cold again. fluid and I have a few questions. container. Diff Oil Grease & Maintenance Cars Trucks. In the pic below (drivers side) what is the A and B hole I have marked? I thought A was the front diff fill hole? a bunch of fluid came out of the "A" hole when removed. It's the thing that takes the torque from the car's driveshaft, and distributes it among  2 of these 1 quart bottles needed to change the fluid in your differential. snapon. This is because the rear diff has a big effect on rear traction, and each driver’s driving style determines what oil should be used. Free Shipping and available now! See OE cross references for BMW-07512293972. Pick Oil Weight. On later model MDX with the SH-AWD system, you may put as much as three quarts in. 99. Grrr!!!! Max-Gear is recommended for use in front or rear open differentials, manual transmissions, and lower gear units of marine engines that specify use of an API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid For use in a Buggy/Truggy platform, you always want to use a Silicone Oil in your diffs Thicker oil will slow down your diff's and take away from speed and performance, but will give you slightly more "peace of mind" about lubrication, although, the recomended weights will be plenty enough lube, and provided you replace the gaskets during the teardown, will give you plenty of life and the 3) A large syringe for filling the diff. Function. By warming up the oil, it will drain out of the housing much quicker and will flush out the metal particles suspended in the fluid. For those of us who know there is fluid in there, it drives us nuts knowing that all the metal is in there. I find that synthetic fluids in Subies don't make the AT happy. Is there a seal that would need to be replaced, or is it just sealed with sealant? What are the torque specs for the diff bolts (front and rear)? Is there any other kind of the anti-spin diff additive other than that from mopar? Hi Bob - thanks for the insight and research. Winter is coming and I want to get it changed out asap. Over time the diff fluid (gear oil) breaks down and cannot bear the same forces like new oil can. 5% deionized water. Gravity RC Heavy Weight Silicone Diff Oil Fluid. My question is it better to suck the fluid out of the diff and replace it or should I replace the gasket too? About 50,000 + miles ago, my diff had gotten noisy. There are drains and 2 fills, one of them has a - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Acura Its about that time to change my diff fluid. Buy the gallon of torque drive, it takes all 4 qts. Differential fluid, also referred to as differential oil or gear oil, provides the lubrication necessary to keep your differential functioning as it should. and buy 3 qts of diff fluid it takes 2 and a bit! Suggested Foods To Avoid During A C. Share with your friends. 3rd open bottle of new fluid. They said I am 6,000 miles over. High Quality Genuine & OEM BMW parts. STi Trans. Front diff on the auto get the same fluid as the rear diff. I like to work through the subframe, next to the axle. Fluid should be just at the bottom edge of the fill plug hole. The drain plug also was covered in metal fragments. Then add fluid till it runs out of the filler hole. TJ Fluid Type/Capacities. Put the plug in the fill hole, and let the gear oil run down into the lenght of the axle shaft. What fluid goes in the Front diff and t-case? I did a complete tranny flush/filter and new rear diff fluid but didn't do the Front diff and t-case at that time. i have been changing my diff fluid every 3 events and its always black and nasty. Apparel & Merchandise. The diff fluid “locks” or “retards” the diff action. Subar Extra-S would be great. Replace the fill plug, tightening to 25-30 ft. fluid. what should he use in a 4 wheel drive pick-up You COULD lock up a diff but I don't think that's likely to happen very quick, with extended driving I think it's possible or it's possible the differential blows rendering the truck inoperable in 2wd but still possibly rolls. The color of the fluid can be an indicator of contamination; however, some colors can be easily confused with the normal color of some fluids. 5. Page 1 of 3 - Replacing front/rear differential fluid - posted in Maintenance & Repair: Just hit 18,000 miles and took the day to flush both diffs. Escape 2013 awd 77,000 miles. Quick view · Motul Gear 300 75w90 LS. Next replace fill plug, and torque to specs (24 ft/lbs) Step #8 Stand back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor Also, check for leaks. i then switched back to normal diff fluid in the spring and the leaking has stopped. Diff fluids, transfer case fluid, plugs. 3 quarts, I believe. Do this 3 times and it should be clear. I thought it was weird that they would suggest a fluid change when there's possibly a leak?! Went below to have a look. This DIY guide will show you how to replace the rear differential fluid on a Mercedes-Benz. When you drain it, you lose some of the pump prime, but if you put 56 ounces including the XL3 back into the system, the first time it runs under track conditions, the fluid will be at the correct level. It is a messy job, and should be done I shimmed the diffs on a new Arrma Kraton I bought and decided to change the stock diff oil as seen in many youtube videos. Search within Diff Oil Filter by brand. Replacing Rear Differential Fluid. Suppliers of the products listed in this catalog are subject to change at any time. With time and miles, used fluid often turns black. css, it appears that . Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. I regularly tow a 9. 92 gear. Hand pump (don't skimp on thisdiff fluid is very viscous so you want something that's not going to leak under pressure and that's not going to take forever to dopumping this shit isn't fun if you're doing a few mL at a time on your back) 2016 2. ) Synovial fluid analysis is also particularly important for definitively diagnosing gout or pseudogout. It is a wise habit, though, to remove the cover every so often (say, every three or four fluid changes) so you can visually inspect the gears for chipping, etc. When I got back to the diff I hesitated because I wasn't sure if there was a gasket required when I pulled the cover off? We have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 1J8GW58N04c283250, what type of differential fluid does it take for front and rear? There are two types, one for quads and one for selec trac. Refer your mechanic to this I'm not sure if we have the same axles since my truck is an 05 but I have the hemi with the 3. My question is what is the best diff. The 4-cylinder axle spec is the same as for the V8 axle. Using some paper towels, wipe the inside of the cover clean of the old diff fluid. Grease is equivalent to 1000wt diff fluid. Overpriced BS that was returned the next day. This round the old fluid( redline 75w85) looks clean and there is no shaving on the plug. I just drained and filled my rear diff. If the scat pack has a different diff like a getrag that may explain the difference. The greater is the number, the thicker the fluid is. What is the rear differential fluid capacity for a 2006 International 4300 truck? If the fluid you drain out is not cherry red or slightly darkened, but a reddish brown color, it is likely burnt. If your fluid gets dirty, it can cause problems with your differential. Quick view · OS Giken 80W250. I'll be using the Volvo Rear Diff fluid (1161620) and Redline 75W90 API GL5 for the Angle Gear. Differential oil is primarily different from engine oil in that it is thicker or more viscous. Comments: What is part number for fill and drain plug gaskets on diff ? ALso is Redline 75W90 diff fluid OK - or what is recommended other than dealer fluid here - I don;t see diff fluid listed on your site only trans ? August 21, 2014 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: I don't have the part numbers handy. Share. rear differential is low on fluid replace the fluid in the diff. 95. The old fluid was really black and dirty. I needed an 8mm diff drain plug remover. Did the diff service this weekend; the fluid for the quadra drive 2 230 mm axle w/ELSD is about $57 per qt. Like an oil change for your differential, help optimize performance and longevity of this key component with a visit to Jiffy Lube® for a differential fluid exchange. . How difficult is this? Though I'm moderately competent, I'm far from an expert. Followers 0. On another forum that I frequent often because of my off-road fetish, people are putting out that running synthetic in your diff is actually bad for it. Warm diff fluid will drain faster and more completely. 5 premium outback, 60,000 miles. You want your fluids to be as consistent as  Differential Oil - At RC Planet you'll find the largest selection of Differential Oil, and more – all at a guaranteed low price. RC Planet carries the top manufacturers  148 products Diff Oil, Spares & Accessories from Modelsport UK. Front Diff Remove the front skid plate. That fluid is ruined after 10k. How often do I need to replace the differential fluid? Most manufacturers recommend that the differential fluid be changed every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. Prices may vary from store to store and online NAPA is not responsible for the errors or omissions in pricing and quantity. 5 hr Add To Replace Front Axle Vent Hose Connector 0. The front was annoying, I spilled some of it trying to use a funnel extension so I just got angry and squeeze the crap out of bottle to get it in, no problems! For an I4 4x4 without the tow package 47k miles, the rear diff was absolutely filthy. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. At first blush, the terms “fluid” and “liquid” seem to describe the same thing. 6 Sep 2018 What are people using for their diff fluid when replacing the diff covers? The manual states SAE 75W85 (API GL-5) but particularly I'm interested  BMW Transmission & Differential Oil. I plan on replacing the Angle Gear and Rear Diff fluid on my 08 XC90. Get your rear diff fluid changed. 0 quarts) for coolant reservoir. 55 ls on my screw fx4. In this month's basic training we demystify selective catalytic reduction system (SCR), by understanding diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). I did notice a fluid stain in my driveway front right side. Unlike the 50k fluid I put in my front/rear diffs, the 500k stuff was super thick and due to my own fault I realized after putting in the fluid that I forgot to shim one of my gears correctly and had to pull it all out again. As long as the fluid is 75W90 GL-4 or a GL-5 that is yellow metal safe. So today I had my rear diff fluid changed out to redline fluid, and the crap that came out of the rear diff was just plain bad. And if you can warm it up do it. If you have stock differential covers like Smokey, you’ll know the differential is full when fluid begins to overflow the fill port. The V8 uses gear oil of one type in the gearbox, and a higher pressure variant for the axle, albeit of the same viscosity. Since most guys/gals don't ever even change the diff fluid (or know there is fluid in there), waiting until 30,000 is fine. it looked wet around the transfer case. 4th slowly pour in untill barely leaking out Im not positive but i think there is a little rubber plug on the front side of the 3rd member for oil IIRC :dunno: Does anyone know if changing the diff fluid on 2018 models is pretty much the same (capacities, T70 torx) as the previous model? I don't have the car here to look at today but I need to get stuff ordered, I need to get the fluids changed next week. You will find the procedure on ytube if you search crv differential service. Quick view · Red Line Gear Oil 75w110. I seem to remember something about people were having trouble finding diff fluid that met the specs GM required at places other than the dealer. If the car is already hot, skip this step. Since the diff is not leaking fluid, the seals are good. or if that dont work you may have to replace it . Ford uses their new Gen-3 75W85 synthetic, mainly for fuel economy reasons. My first two were indicated by MM at 16k and 53k. Silicone Diff Fluid, 3000CS (TLR5279) Be the first to write a review. & Diff. Knowing how to change the differential oil is important when servicing your car or making adjustments to the differential setup. Front Diff Fluid Change Procedure 1. The diff is easier to do then an engine oil change. 25qts. The key is to use the shockproof stuff, not just regular redline diff fluid. is there any signsother then mileage that says you need to change the rear differential fluid? can old fluid casue slipping or anything like that? what happens if it has never been changed i dont know the history on the car but from the looks of the other oils it wasnt well maintained. 9L (1. 100% synthetic lubricant for all mechanical (manual; 5spd or 6spd) transmissions of high performances a . Jared Tebo trusts JTP DIFF FLUID is all his Tekno Race Vehicles, as it provides TOP PERFORMANCE, and CONSISTANT PERFORMANCE out on the race track. The gears are coated with a film of oil that protects the hardened steel layer on their teeth from friction wear. 23 Dec 2016 A differential is one of a car's most important moving parts. When filling, the oil will begin to run out at some point. Getting the differential fluid changed out in your car is going to make it run smoother and prevent damage to the I'm going to throw something out there to see if you all have heard anything to confirm or deny it. Changing diff fluid isn't hard, (you may need a couple of new crush washers for the drain and fill bolts, make sure to torque to spec when re-installing), and Harbor Freight sells a fluid transfer pump with flexible hoses you ought to be able to use for filling. BMW xDrive Front Differential and Transfer Case Fluid BMW Xi and xDrive models use a center transfer case to distribute power to the rear and front axles. Learn more about VIOC differential services today. bottles off diff fluid and friction modifier additive= $48. Front-drivers typically integrate the differential in the transmission housing and share the same fluid. my front diff started leaking(i was finding small drops on my driveway). Drain rear differential fluid. I have a 13 R/T and used the recommended 75-140w. The tube does have the plastic vent in it. 1L, 3/4 ton. The front differential fluid in your Chevy should be changed about once every 60,000 to 70,000 miles. Ram Fluid Capacities (1) Includes 0. Usually, if you have a leak at the rear of  Products 1 - 30 of 260 Maintain differential performance and prevent failure and costly repairs with our premium quality lubricants, available in multi-grade  Description PIT BULL PBX SILICONE SHOCK & DIFFERENTIAL FLUIDS are highly consistent viscosity fluids. I did it like most people recommend, draining it from the bottom, About 5 quarts and did it twice (within 100 miles) to get most of the majority of the fluid to be cleaner. 000. Find Products For Your Vehicle. Just talked to dealer. Dunno if you have a stick or auto - but the stick shares fluid with it's diff and you definitely want to be careful with that fluid - might be only 3-4 appropriate fluids for that - again, lots of 'discussion' there too. Put the new fluid into the fill hole. Since the first time I did it myself, I found that my dealer would charge me $89 labor if I supplied the fluid, so I had them do it the second time. Buy Differential Fluid - Eneos - 1 qt / 946 ml - AIC 3410300 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. The dealer just recommended that I change the Diff fluid and transfer case fluid on my Durango at 36,000 miles. Again our Motul bottles had a nozzle; if yours doesn't use the fluid transfer pump. Differential Fluid Exchange. Items 1 - 25 of 37 Differential Oil: Hiro Seiko High Viscosity Diff Oil 1. Page 3 of 5 - Diff fluid, who is using what? - posted in DIY, Maintenance, Technical Support: Im just throwing what i use in here as my knowledge is minimal compared to shawn n nick. The important thing is to always use fresh fluid from a sealed container. Start to finish 45 min job and I'm far from great wrenching. I was getting an oil change and they SAID I needed to get new differential fluid, but I don’t know if I should trust this shady place. Top the fluid up if Rear diff fluid change went well. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Doing both the front and back, it took about 2. This was the recommendation from the guy who rebuilt my diff. The line of Factory Team Silicone Diff Fluids has been expanded and now offers even more viscosities to choose from, helping you dial in the optimum performance for your racing application. Just wondering what oil is recommended for the rear end. It is good preventive maintenance to have  Maintain full power to all wheels with our front or rear differential fluid change service at Capitol Toyota in Salem, OR. (my 10. The truck did this before right after I changed the diff fluid for the first time. WARRANTY SECURE™ AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid is Warranty Secure, keeping your factory warranty intact. The pinion bearings would be totally Was told that my front diff fluid needs to be changed, and that it looks like there might be a leak. It's not a difficult task but often goes  23 Mar 2019 With all the parts you are replacing, upgrading and swapping out it's easy to overlook your rear diff. This can be used in any application that requires diff fluid. This is the axle housing I was looking at. The diff is the most overlooked fluid on trucks. lbs. Contact us to schedule your front or rear   Differential fluid often looks just like motor oil. REGULAR MINERAL OIL-NOT SYNTHETIC. Simply click on the Fluid Capacity Lookup button below, and then follow the directions to prepare a complete and printable list of filters and fluid capacities for your vehicle. So seems the fluid holds much better than OE Subaru Extra MT that looked dark after 20k at the rear diff. Depending of the manufacturer, the weight (viscosity of the fluid) varies from 1000wt to 100 000wt. Use a solvent or brakekleen to clean the diff cover in combination with rags or paper towel. GM has 2 variations of the G80, one for use in cars and one for use in trucks. They usually have a bit of sealant on them. We just flipped our washers over. These days the variants seem to be defined as GL4 and GL5, and Halfords for example makes the distinction quite straightforward as it labels one of its oils as 'Differential oil GL5' and the other as 'Gear oil GL4'. Next fill with diff fluid. The transmissions slips in every gear, eventually putting itself in to neutral. 08 rl changing rear diff fluid. The transmission fluid you can use what you want but I do suggest using the MTF LT-2 that it takes but I know how expensive it is. This is the Factory Team Diff Fluid from Associated. Introduction. The rear diff is pretty self-explanatory on the change, but the front differential seems to be different from previous generations. Definitely needed as gear oil was black with sludge on drain plug magnet. Socket and wretch, a catch can, break clean, gloves, glasses, gear oil,  You should have your differential checked regularly. Learn More · Picture of Heavy ShockProof®  Subaru Differential Fluid Exchange Service in Orlando, Florida. The differential or gear oil may be in need of replacement after reaching levels too low for proper operation of the transmission. Instead, a filler plug is located in the side of the housing (or in the side of the cover), at a level just barely above the level to which fluid should fill the Finally today i change front and rear diff fluid again after another 20 k kms. Which is just x4 12mm bolts and its down. com Z31 Differential Specifications and Variations Diff Fluid Recommendations EURO: Location of Sale. Torque drive is recommended for trans and sever gear 75/90 for differential. 1 hr *This is a unique labor operation number for use only with this bulletin. ,Ltd Room 1203, 12/F, Wah Shing Centre, 11-13 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Front Diff Fluid Sign in to follow this . I took it to a recommended 4 wheel shop and they used their own "mixture" to quiet it down. MAG-HYTEC derived their name from the signature magnet suspended in the oil within their differential covers. there is 2 different ways to change the fluid this is a drain plug on the front of the rear diff or you can take the back of the pumpkin off on the rear diff. i used synthetic in my front diff for a period of one winter. This job will require that you keep it up and level. It had the loud moan on turning and new versatrak fluid wouldn't get rid of it. If your finger touches gear oil, there is enough fluid inside. The differential, or gear box, is the component that is used to translate the rotation of the transmission, usually via a drive shaft, to the drive wheels. A lot of people who are used to FWD vehicles totally overlook the rear differential fluid when moving to an all-wheel drive vehicle. It was a balmy 1 degree so I decided to change my rear diff fluid this evening. do I need a different fluid or wally world synthetic 75w90 will do for LSD rear? F150 Rear Differential Oil Change* *1998 Ford F150 4x4 with 4. The stuff is opaque and light blue in color for the Does anyone know the fluid capacity of the front and rear diffs? As the signature says, I have a '15 with ORA II. Once most of the fluid as ran out, remove the last bolt and the cover. Various driving conditions, Differential fluid protects the gears in your car, keeping them from wearing down due to friction as they move against one another. $30. 8 QT's), and the diff fluid. So I'm going to do the 60k service myself, part of which is changing the diff fluid. I was bout to change the fluid in my diffs, and I have some motorcraft synthetic 75w-140 from work that we use in f-150 diffs and was wondering if I could use that. (3) 23 oz. $5. 0L and AWD. you are working on, fill the fluid into the diff while spinning the wheel by hand,till the fluid reaches the top of threads just about to overflow out,then install cap. It is standardised as AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution) in ISO 22241. Team Losi Racing Silicone Diff Fluid, 40,000CS, TLR75001. A higher viscosity means that the oil will not only penetrate the inner workings, or gears, of the differential; it will stick to and coat the gears. Stock Replacement On Unlimited Desert Racer  FP012500 DIFF FLUID 12500 CPS. 2 of these 1 quart bottles needed to change the fluid in your differential. 5 and 2qts fluid started rolling out, no surprise there. Differential fluid is the oil that is used to lubricate gear boxes in many automobiles. com)  What sets differential oil apart from normal engine oil is that it is specifically formulated to provide proper lubrication for the gears in the differential of a car, truck  Differential fluid is oil that's used to lubricate the gear box in a vehicle. I checked in my owners manual and got the part number for the oil, and got that and a gasket from the dealer. Tools needed: 10mm hex socket Torque wrench Transfer pump to pump fluid back in Breaker bar or something to break loose the plugs (they are on pretty tight) 2-3L of your favorite diff fluid (I used Nismo Motul 75w140) Specs: Front diff: torque 26 are you asking if the diff is integrated with the gearbox, in which case they share the same fluid OR if the same type of oil is used in both gearboxes and diffs when they are sepparate? unfortunately i cant help you definitively with either, except with my anecdotal experience with my RWD diff and gearbox which used the same type of oil for both. First, the best substance to use to flush the differential is fresh differential oil. 8. Warning-As previously mentioned DO NOT add an Limited Slip Differential additive to a G80 Locking Rear Differential. i just bought a 95 s10 blazer with 195000 miles i changed engine oil and transmission fluid. Changing the differential fluid in any car or truck can be a daunting task for the DIY'er. What exactly does it mean when you flush out your differential fluid? I understand that you have to drain it out, but what do you flush it out with? Is synthetic fluid better to use on an older veh Most of us on the C60 (performing with the XRS) are running straight Redline MT-90 or a mix with Pennzoil Synchromesh on factory transmission and factory (open) diff. Smells different, feels different. it can happen especially when i's not serviced. If not what can I use and whats the best. I know of a few people who run the redline medium shockproof oil. I just changed my ATF on my 2014 SRX. The rear diff is quite a bit easier as there is a little more space. ABOUT MAG-HYTEC. 9 Aug 2013 Decided to change my diff fluid so I thought I would post some pics and sort of do a how to writeup. Just like engine oil, the differential fluid must be changed at regular intervals. He told me to check the breather hose coming out of the diff. Thanks to Corvette Forum Member "Subdriver" for hooking me up as a Amsoil prefered member and a good discount ! Be sure to have various tools on hand. I just changed the rear diff fluid and transmission fluid in my car last weekend. Drain the old diff fluid,jack up the front or rear of quad - depending on which diff. Check the fluid level with your finger. When the wheels spin in opposite directions the fluid between the plates is heated up and expands, locking the plates together. 75 quart capacity). You must use either the additive or the special gear oil or your L/S diff will quickly return to one leg status. I then decided to check the differential fluid to see if it even needed to be changed but when I removed the plug about 1/4 cup of dark black fluid came out. The thicker the oil, the closer to a solid axle the diff acts, and the thinner the closer to an open differential it is. , and wipe clean the cover. Is there a mileage change for the Transmission (Auto) and rear differential fluid ? Diff fluid replacement is Code 6 IIRC Another indicator is a moaning sound on tight turns (parking lot maneuvers) If you replace the Diff fluid at the first sign of the moan you will not hurt anything. (T70 Torx fitting on bottom of diff) 3. At 150k miles, my "lifetime" lube in my rear diff looked closer to what my engine oil looks like when i change it than the clean fluid that I put back in it. 99 $ 9. 6L V-8, 4R70W 4spd electronic automatic (code U in doorjam), 3. I can't say I have a favorite brand but I do stick with the brand names. check. If your car is fitted with a limited-slip differential, it also keeps all the moving parts in that assembly healthy. I just closed the fill plug the first second I saw it dripping. Changing the differential fluid will help and avoid differential costly repairs down the road. A well established, local aaa recommended transmission shop owner states only one option; replacing the transmission at a cost of $4,800. I normally like to change the fluid to Amsoil synthetic 75w-90 when I get a car in the shop. 25 qts total ) the fluid level will not get to the bottom of the fill hole . Select the information you want to print So I was under the car today changing engine, tranny (Royal Purple Synchromaxtook about 2. - Fluid pump (pictured later) or a spill stop fluid tube (Use 1/2" tools if you have those. At 60,500 miles I just changed my transmission fluid to Amsoil ATL (and the transmission filter) and the rear axle with Amsoil SVO (2. I believe Shockproof acts a 75w-90 Synthetic when warmed up fully. 8" rear differential fluid and seal kit is the perfect way to finish up any differential repair, upgrade, or modification. Most different is the fact that I dont seem to see a dip stick from which to measure or fill the front differential. Takes about 1. Subject: Diff. Your vehicle may also use synthetic fluid, and that can change the cost slightly from what others would pay for similar fluid. I will tell you this, get a good pump for the refill. Now you can begin to refill your differential! You should add your LSD additive sometime between your first and second quart of gear oil. $14. Used 75-90w royal purple. *F0011 Fluid, Axle and Differential (Front) - Drain and Fill 0. A high end diff that cost over $4k and they want me to use the "cheapest 85w-140 GL5 gear I can find" and that is what there tech said when I called and confirmed. Others have filled the front diff by pouring fluid down the vent hose under the hood. It's recommended to replace your differential fluid regularly to protect your gears from wear and grinding. fluid change IP: Logged Message: I'm getting ready to change the diff. This page covers fluid information and recommendations for BMW manual and automatic transmissions, as well as rear   Part of the 4WD system, the rear differential automatically varies the amount of Rear differential fluid lubricates and cools the clutch packs inside the rear  75W140NS GL-5 Gear Oil. 25,000km my aS$, this was after 16,800km and it was sludgy, black and smelled like brakes after a hot lap. If you are removing the rear cover, we recommend purchasing a third bottle as the actual  Differential and transfer case fluid service will help ensure power is delivered to your wheels with Valvoline professional series products. For the AT fluid, just drain and refill 3 or four times with a few days interval in between. 3 product ratings - Associated 5448 FT Silicone Diff Fluid 80,000 cSt : RC10B6 / B6 Club Racer / B6D. Approx 1. 000cps (30ml) - Hiro Seiko R/C Toy Accessories Diff Oil (#5000 cps) 60ml - Hiro Seiko  Rear Diff gear oil (Fully Synthetic Gear Oil 75W-90) 2 Liters; Gear oil pump or 3 feet of vinyl tubing. Rear diff fluid changes at 15k then every 30k, with some variance for when the MM decides an oil change is due. 4. He gave me a print out which says the Rear, M226 axle fluid is 2 qts of "API - GL-5, SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil". Since I had already used them when I got to the transfer case I decided to reuse the old ones. Print. The purpose of the differential fluid is to cool and lubricate your differential. Oil Capacity - Liters ( IMP PT) Oil Type. Thanks -Front diff oil-Rear diff oil-Transfer case fluid-Power steering fluid-Brake fluid-Wiper fluid-Blinker fluid I think that's all of them. The rear end went as planned, drained out the lower hole, filled through the fill plug and somewhere between 1. Periodically, the differential gear oil must be checked to be sure there is enough to protect the differential. Some RTR vehicles come with grease filled diffs. The XC90 proved to be very popular, and very good for Volvo's sales numbers, since its introduction in model year 2003 (North America). so i take precaution and change the fluid every 30k. 75w90 gear oil in the rear diff and you will be fine. What sets differential oil apart from normal engine oil is that it is specifically formulated to provide proper lubrication for the gears in the differential of a car, truck or sport utility vehicle. Step 1) Raise the rear of your car. The differential oil lubricates the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the When just draining and replacing the gear oil like this, it isn’t necessary to remove the diff cover, which would require a new gasket. How often do I need to change the differential fluid, and is there any way to know other than time? The rear axle differential is the GM 10 bolt 8. New fluid is usually red or light brown. The rear/trans diff fluid is another story. It is vital to get the right rear diff oil that suits your driving style, otherwise you will only be fighting your car. $7. After putting the plug it and running it a little checked it again. (2) If equipped with Trac-lok add 0. Remove oil drain plug and drain fluid. The inside wheel spins slower than the outside wheel because it travels a shorter distance around the bend. One of the most overlooked fluid items on any car is the rear diff fluid. Just did mine to day and the 2012s are different. However, you will need to know a few things before you start. I'm going to change my diff fluids and my transfer case fluid in the next few days so I look in the Owner's Manual and JTP/ULTIMATE RACING Diff Fluid is made from 100% pure Silicone Oil in Europe. Both have the same CSS, and every instance of . This is not a hard job to do, you just need to be careful and plan Hi just bought synthetic 75w90 from walmart for all diff (front , center and rear) And I just realize that 98 lx470 US Spec comes with LSD in the rear diff (mine does not have the magic RR Rear locker switch unfortunately ). 5" version and has never had a differential fluid change. Learn to change differential fluids with these six simple steps. Benefits of Differential Fluid Change. Jeep Cherokee 1984-2001: How to Change Differential Fluid. 5" rear axles. AMSOIL Slip Lock® Differential Additive (ADA) is formulated with advancedfriction modifiers and is designed to eliminate gear-housing chatter in cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with clutch-type limited-slip differentials. The course features over 100 crystal clear, perfectly stained body fluid images to illustrate both basic and advanced cellular morphology - perfect for a comprehensive, detailed review which can help refresh any technologist, both in or out of the hematology laboratory. i had the rear diff in my 4runner f- up by a family member who never chaged the fluid. difficle Infection The nutritional intake during the treatment and post-c. Any tips on sucking the fluid out and replacing it? I know neither has a drain plug, but for refill, do you fill until it starts coming out the fill plug? However, front-wheel drive vehicles and 4-wheel drive vehicles have front differentials too. (Not so sure if that makes a difference) Once fluid is drained reinstall the drain plug. While the fluid is draining, I use a wire brush to clean the threads on the bolts. Someone bought Honda Dual-Pump Fluid II (DPSF II?) as well as Acura AWD Fluid (DPSF) to find out the same thing. No other parts in the axle are subject to failure aside from gears/bearings. However, an important difference exists between them; liquid describes a state of matter--as do "solid" and "gaseous"--whereas a fluid is any substance that flows. When the diff fluid has completely drained, put on a new crush washer on the diff drain bolt and install it. Removing the cover gets most of it, but down in the "sump" is where the heavier contaminants are like the clutch friction material that has worn to powder/debris is located. 14mm Hex drive socket or Allen Wrench (www. Use a 15mm socket to remove the fill plug half way up the driver side of the diff, and a 13mm socket to remove the drain plug which can be found on the lower driver side of the diff. HOW In the owner’s manual, Ford recommends changing transmission and differential fluid at 150,000 miles. Front Diff Fluid. The truck is on level ground, if not pointing slightly downhill. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. Once again, you'll have to put your eyes on the leak to determine its origin. Once all the fluid is drained, replace the drain bolt and remove the differential fill bolt. Actually far past since the first time should be done at 7500 or so, and im at 31000 and dont think its ever been changed (as far as i know, used truck). Cars use a Limited Slip differential which is designed to engage and slip, it never fully locks up. 500 lb travel trailer and a 3,000 lb utility trailer. For 3rd-gen Pilot ( 2016+ ) the first rear diff fluid change should come up on the MM at about 15k miles, and then about 30k miles later. Long Discuss this article in this forum thread. What fluid do you guys recommend. As a general rule of thumb, you should check your car's rear differential fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Front took a little less than 2 quarts of 75w90 and rear took a little less than 3 quarts of 75w140. Test Name: BODY FLUID COUNT & DIFFERENTIAL General Information Lab Order Codes: BFC Synonyms: Body Fluid Count CPT Codes: 89050 - Cell count, miscellaneous body fluids 89051 - Cell count with differential Test Includes: RBC, WBC and Differential if WBC >10 cells/mL3 Logistics I'm upgrading my rear diff cover so I need to buy some gear oil. Hobbies > Team Associated > Shock Oils, Diff Fluid and Diff Lube. I prefer buying the smaller containers for this very reason. Home > R. Figure 4. the question was. Then after about 3/4 of a qt of fluid it ran out of the fill hole. Having your Subaru's differential fluid drained and replaced as often as every 30,000 miles is   8 Feb 2017 Here are the tools you'll need to change your rear differential fluid. Ive got 1700 miles on my car and the oil looked like it had 100000 miles on it. Aright, while I'm installing my transmission, I'm going to change my diff. I a going to take the cover off and silicone it. The gears inside the differential slide around coated in a slippery film of oil. MOTUL Gear 300 Manual Transmission and Differential fluid for all Nissan and Infiniti models. SRT blatantly said "according to your VIN, this is the fluid that was put in your rear diff". Use only recommended Honda fluid. On-vehicle inspection. I have done a fluid change, oil and the transfer case. Only use the BMW diff fluid xj with the extra friction modifier to keep from getting the noise and premature wear of the clutches in the diff. I've changed the fluid on the ZF diffs 3 times and using 1 liter ( 1. Just wanting some recommendations on what weight to get I don't tow but I live in Colorado so the winter temps can get very cold. Differential fluid, or gear oil, is added to your differential to keep the gears inside it lubricated and functioning properly. If you are removing the rear cover, we recommend purchasing a third bottle as the actual capacity of the differential is 2. Check that the oil level is between 0 to 5 mm (0 to 0. The gear oil in the rear differential should reach the bottom of the service port hole. It was on my to-do list but never got around to it. Guaranteed by Thu, Jul. By the way this is and extremely easy mx  Team Integy's R/C Cars! Full kits, Tech help, Online parts catalogs to help you tune your radio controlled race car to full acceleration! This is the Traxxas 1M Weight Differential Oil Fluid used in the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer / UDR trucks. ) 5. Since I'm a maintenance freak, my schedule varies dramatically from the OEM recommendation. FEATURES: Custom blend silicone Clear liquid Bottle contains 2oz (59ml) of fluid INCLUDES: One 2oz (59ml) bottle of diff fluid Product Description All In One Kit This 1986-2004 Mustang 8. I see the fill plug but can't find a drain plug? Do I have to siphon it out the drain plug and refill? Every once in awhile your rear differential needs a little maintenance. 6 quarts before it starts pouring out of the fill hole. If it breaks down or leaks out, then a vehicle can Motul Competition FF 75w140. container-fluid is paired with . infection can be challenging. 5" rear took 3 quarts) fill until fluid is just below the fill hole. Post Reply. Differentials are filter-free, meaning that should your differential start to experience unwanted friction—often due to poor fluid quality—it is likely that small metal shaving or pieces may appear resulting in significant damage to your differential. ( Owner's Manual page 563 ). This "how to" article was performed on a 2000 Ford Excursion but will apply to all other Sterling 10. As far lube goes, the diff will operate just fine in most any gear lube. Just make sure the diff fluid is type API GL-5 which most are anyway. Can anyone talk me through how to change the rear differential fluid. changing the cvt and front diff fluids and got myself confused from pics and diagrams I have seen. When checking or refilling the fluid in the transfer case and differentials, the fluid needs to be level with the filler hole. In the past, I've used Valvoline fluid and found no problems with it. The car was sitting level and so my question is why that would have happened if the manual again states to fill it to just below the fill hole level. DEF is a consumable in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) that lowers NO x concentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines. Every once in a while rear differential fluid replacement must  Differential Fluid Replacement - Rear costs between $84 and $139 on average. Quick view Add to Cart Compare. 7. 2nd safely dispose of said fluid. Diff / LSD & Axle Oils; Getting the correct spec & grade diff / axle oil is critical for the internal components, luckily we stock a huge range. At first I didn't even realize it was supposed to have a flat bottom. There is an additive that is needed to keep a limited-slip working properly. The diff has 2 plates close together (one for each axle), similar to a clutch type diff, but they never touch each other. I have never touched the rear diff and i would like to know what kind of fluid i should use and i read something about a kind of additive you should put in? See our tech article on splash shield removing. I asked what was so special about it, of course they didn't know. And how much fluid would RE: Breather leaking diff fluid IP: Logged Message: Are you guys filling the diff your self or is the dealer doing it for you? Because i beleave that the reasont that its coming out of the breather is because eather the breather tube is in the diff fluid and presure is forcing it out or you have over filled it. You should consider having it professionally flushed. Big protection but not slippery, for certain trans and diff applications. I live in the mountains so always off roading plus I tow a fair amount so figured with 40K miles on the clock its time to change the diff fluids. Very easy with noticeable difference in drive. Am I using the correct fluid? Where do I recycle the old fluid? Do I need any special tools? Isn't it going to make an oily mess all over my driveway? And that's exactly why I posted the amount needed to fill the system when you drain the diff and the lower hose by pulling the lower hose. I have a 2004 F150 S. But gave me the reason that if I used something else it could cancel warranty. Lifetime lube. On an 08 Tacoma. Crew FX4. Like the manual transmission which is available, the rear axle does not have a dipstick to check fluid level. It will probably be a 80W-90 in weight and the fluid might have to be partially synthetic on the newer trucks. Re-install drain plug (gasket 26. The specification has diverged now, DW-1 in the trans, DPSF in the diff. that diff cost me almost a grand when it happened. In SH-AWD vehicles Z1 used to be used in the auto trans as well as rear diff. I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. 5% urea and 67. The diff fluid has to keep the ring gear, pinion gears, and axle bearings lubricated and cooled; trust me they get very hot while under load for long roadtrips. 1. It's a limited slip differential. Green Slime (1105) Regular price: $3. $35. By shaynet1979, October 14, 2010 in AWD, Differential, & Transmission Tech. Includes FCP's Lifetime Warranty & Unlimited 365 Day Returns. He said to mix 1/2 kerosene and diff fluid and run it, then drain it. Step 4 – Pump fluid into rear differential. Brake fluid - I use DOT-3 brake fluid. Then, use a hand pump to fill the differential with new fluid until you see fluid seep out of the filler hole. You’ll only pay somewhere between $80 and $140 for differential fluid change. When I got it, about 4 years ago, I changed all the fluids including the rear diff. It is located on the passenger side just behind the rear CV Joint. 2004 Yukon XL, 8. fluid on these cars, getting all of the old/contaminated fluid out is the hard thing to do. 2008 Nissan Frontier Nismo. I noticed after somewhat spirited driving, there was So im the second owner of my truck and i wanna do my differential fluid because i dont know when it was done last. MAG-HYTEC heavy duty differential covers and transmission pans provide increased lubricant and cooling capacity for hard working recreation and service vehicles . Our parts specialists will. But the differential's torque bias ratio is tuned in that fluid and the fluid definitely has impact on the result. Just use the conventional fluids that should suffice. When fluid starts coming out of the fill plug, you're done filling. Step 2) Remove the fill plug using the 10mm allen socket. 05 qt ) Mopar gear lube and one 4 oz friction modifier ( 1. The book shows the drain plug on the side of the rear diff but its under the diff. The fluid level in the drive axles should be checked at each oil change. Does anybody actually know what rear diff fluid part number is supposed to be used right now? Before parking the truck in the spot you are going to do the job at, run it around awhile to get the fluid warm - 15 minutes or so. Sale price: $3. Fluid Change Service & Maintenance. See how this new emission requirement is here to stay and how a Subaru 30k mile service includes Air filter, Cabin Air filter, front and rear differential fluid, transmission fluid, oil, oil filter, fuel injection cleaner, brake fluid flush, spark plugs (a couple models at 30k, most at 60k, and some at 100k), and fuel filter (if applicable, they stopped using external fuel filters in about 2003). I read synthetic 75w90, but that was for a 98. My factory sealed diff didn't even use a real gasket, only black silicone sealer. AMSOIL Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid is a high-performance replacement for vehicle manufacturer-branded products and is also backed by the AMSOIL Limited Warranty (G1363). fluid that easily accessible? Hey guys, what tools would be needed to change the fluid on my rear diff. To check your front differential fluid level, using a 14mm or Allen bit, remove the oil fill plug (green arrow). Get Yours Today ! We know our parts and products. When twiddling with examples I could not see any difference, as everything seemed fluid. The rear diff uses 4 1/4 pints of Nissan Differential Oil Synthetic in a 75W-140 or API GL-5 synthetic gear oil of the same viscosity. For the diff cover gasket I used a Felpro unit linked below. New gear oil will insure your differentials will be properly lubricated but taking the time to pop open the cover will also gives you a chance to inspect the gears within it for any damage or unsual wear. I have drained and refilled the approximately four quarts at every engine oil change, and my fluid is still bright red and shows no signs of degradation after 35,000 miles. There was a lot of particulate in the fluid. 2nd. The differential fluid is a thick, dense fluid designed to keep the differential lubricated as it compensates for all of the turns that the vehicle makes. To answer my own question I found a thread on mdxers. Recommended Posts. i have about 4k miles on my 2015 ta2 and have changed diff fluid 3 times and trans once. The transmission fluid is burn't. looked though the FSM, not really much info on changing the fluid, just wondering if its as simple as a drain plug, and fill with specified lube and thats it? how much is needed/what oil is best? this is probably in the manual ill check tommorow Brake Fluid. If someone could tell me what diff fluid i need it would be great. He said the breaker hose may have come off or it is not long enough. 55LS axle. Hey, I have a 1994 Mustang and my rear diff is leaking. $9. it will take an additional 3-4 oz of fluid to get level to bottom of fill hole if you choose to do so. Rear diff. Glad to hear your rear diff fluid was clean at 93k, which is precisely my mileage right now. Some symptoms of a bad differential on a Mercedes-Benz are whine, rumbling, humming, growling, noise while turning, vibration, loud clanks or grinding at low Performing a rear differential flush is a fairly straightforward procedure. The differential fluid in the Acura RDX doesn't need to be replaced until 30,000 miles, but it is important that you don't forget about it. The rear diff set up is the one that varies the most between different drivers. Oh on a side note Currie who made my rear diff(RJ60) specifically states "DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC GEAR OIL",came with a big sticker on the diff cover. To fill you can attach a hose to the top of the Polaris Demand Drive Hub Fluid or Angle Drive Fluid nozzle and plumb it into the fill hole or use a funnel with hose, just be creative. Differential fluid (also known as gear oil) is thicker than engine oil,  6 Jun 2018 Rear and front differential fluid, like any fluid system in a vehicle, needs changing over the life of the vehicle. Welcome to your best source of information for automotive and light truck oil and fluid capacities. container-fluid is identical to . When it stops running out install new gasket and plug and torque to Torque: 49 N·m (500 kgf·cm, 36ft·lbf) And thats it for the rear diff. Bend your finger downward slightly to see if it comes into contact with gear oil. XC 90 transfer box & rear diff oil change Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo XC90s. No where close the to full level. Most solvents are not appropriate to use and can damage the rear end during the flush process. almost all of my When changing the diff. Freemax Technology Co. He said this is not uncommon. FP015000 DIFF FLUID 15000 CPS. I used the silver crush gaskets on the rear diff instead of the thinner gaskets. To fill the diff I prefer to use a 5ft length of 1/2 clear tubing from Home Depot and a funnel and let gravity feed the fluid in. of GL-5 Fluid, once again I used Royal Purple Max Gear 75w90. 99. I popped the hood and there is diff fluid all over the place around the top of the vent tube. The following chart has the fluid/part type listed, the capacity/size needed, the brand & part number I recommend, and the factory (OEM) recommended replacement interval. So, once that gear fluid is gone or is dirty, it’s not going to be as effective. It was basically a semi-circle of metal. Mercedes Rear Differential Fluid Change. The clear liquid diet is recommended for three days, any prolonged use of this diet will result in poor nutrition. Now the front diff isn't hard but you will have to remove the aft skid plate. Stop the vehicle on a level surface. One tutorial thing I saw online someplace said to spray it out with brake cleaner and let it dry before reassembling and refilling with lube :bugeyed: That seems sketchy to me. For the M3 both are done at every 3rd oil change. 5 quarts. I mucked it up a bit though. If you frequently tow or drive in the mountains, more frequent changes may be necessary. Any questions lmk. The differential oil lubricates the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. I've always found the front diff fluid always nice and clean, and I usually change mine every 10-12k miles. 0 out of 5 stars 1. I had stopped up there today to talk with them about the rear diff and the fluid to use and they said just use any syn. If you buy regular gear oil, a good quality 80w-90, you can go to your local Chevy dealer and buy the additive. Axle service interval 30,000 miles or 24 months according to Haynes. 1st drain fluid. 20 In. Email a Friend. 3X32. Looking at the manual it seems to read the trans fluid and diff fluid gets change if its used as a police vehicle etc. Then you will see the front diff. of course with awd vehicle it's a totally different topic. This is not permanent fluid! It is designed to be changed periodically. you get it at ford its called friction modifier (i think) dont use the stuff thats for the older fords if its an irs ask for you just fill with lsd oil and put the little (50 ml) i think in but if it is irs they do wear mine 90k and got rebuilt they also do up the pinion nut a bit tighter as supposedly this is the problem no really. April 15, 2005 Written by: E. I also think the rear diff might be overfilled because looking closer at the VFAQ I was supposed to wait for it to completely stop dripping fluid before closing the fill plug. It comes in a tube. The most important reason to perform a synovial fluid analysis is to evaluate for septic arthritis in a patient presenting with an acutely swollen joint that is painful and warm. wow, i suspect ur diff fluid will be black and nasty. I also noticed that the factory diff fluid was extremely whitish brown, almost like water contamination. fluid as well. From this difference, the differential gets its name. Use a flat edge scraper or chisel to remove any old excess silicone sealer. i change my tranny fluid before the track season starts. I didn't see anything for normal use. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Differential Fluid from AutoZone. I changed the fluid and then got to looking around the forum and see that I was supposed to use 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil not 75W-90. Shop with confidence. I need to change the rear differential fluid and was wondering what type of fluid to use. Check differential oil. 4) I use the redline lightweight shockproof oil and change it every 3-4 weekends. Changing the fluid in your Jeep's differentials is important part of routine maintenance. This special type of oil with a high viscosity is designed to cope with extreme pressure and high temperatures and is thicker than engine oil. Differential fluid flush? 3 Answers. 1 quarts but I am only able to fill the diff with about 2. That's all i could find in the 'how to' articles. (See "Septic arthritis in adults". 3L should do it. Use a fluid pump to pump three quarts into the fill hole. UK Suppliers of Associated Diff Oil, Fastrax Diff Oil, Kyosho Diff Oil, Traxxas Diff Oil, Xray Diff Oil,  The fluid breaks down over time, and metal filings from the gears and bearings collect in the fluid. When that happens, it may be time to change it out. Definitely glad that I did an early fluid replacement. This is a result of the normal chemical process that occurs as the additive package in the fluid degrades. This is a chain-driven transfer case mounted on the back of the transmission with a driveshaft extending from the front and rear of the housing. Using a 10 mm socket hexagon wrench, remove the rear differential filler plug and gasket. During a drain and fill you will never be able to completely empty the differential so 2 bottles is sufficient. 4 quarts. - TUNE+ Built Engine w/ Stock Cams - TUNE+ E60 Protune w/ Cobb Accessport - TUNE+ Modified Port Injection System (Uses Strat Rail) - TUNE+ Plug and Play 5 Bar MAP Sensor - ETS Twin Scroll GTX3076R Gen 2 Turbo Kit w/ Twin External Wastegate Dumps, and TiAL BOV - ETS Race Intercooler - ETS V2 The manual states it requires 4 pints of fluid, but fill it until it is full. I stopped for gas and noticed some fluid leaking from the front of the truck. Insert one finger into the open service port. Install fill plug, and reinstall undertray. The fluid reservoir may be in different places on some vehicles. I just did the rear diff and transfer case fluid today. Clean drain plug of any metal. FREE Shipping. It's just back there getting the job done and  3 Apr 2013 Changing the differential oil—it's one of the most-overlooked maintenance tasks on non-FWD light trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars. 25. No leaks from either. 3X1 - #803926090 - torque to 51. ) From the bottom lip of the differential filler plug hole. My dad told me 80W90, but the online forums said 75W130. I own a Ford F150 2004 FX4 4by4 with no slip rear end. It is by controlling the diffs with fluid viscosity that we alter the handling characteristics of a car for faster acceleration or more steering. Check your transmission fluid levels to see if the reservoir is too low and causing gears to grind and slip. With all the groaning noise complaints, I worry about getting the wrong stuff. It won't get all the muck out but most of it. it wasnt in that bad of shape when i changed it but it seems to shift better after changing it. (3) Dry fill capacity depending on type and size of internal cooler, length and inside diameter of cooler lines, or use of an auxiliary cooler, these figures may vary. C. It is the easiest way to access the fill plug. A viscous differential works by heating a thick fluid, making it expand. WHAT WE DO: Jiffy Lube® drains the used fluid and replaces it with differential fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's specifications. I have been reading through the forum and have decided I will go with a non-synthetic oil. Compatibility. Im looking for somthing to deal with the excess heat from towing, and its the 3. Let the fluid drain and replace plug. I would like to change the fluid, but i don't know which fluid to buy. Because  In United States federal milk marketing orders, the fluid differential (or Class I differential) is the amount added to the base price of milk to determine a region's   How to Change Differential Oil. Makes no difference, except perhaps a bit of clearance) If your vehicle is cold, drive a bit to warm up the differential fluid. Amsoil is all I use. We have a quad. I called SRT and they claim the part number is 5136035AB. container, and all column classes are specified in percentages. I know that flushing is the propre way, but decided to take this route sinve the Looking in bootstrap. Tools: 23mm boxed wrench (For ease of use, break the bolt with a regular wrench then finish taking it off with a ratchet spanner) 24mm Socket. So that's what I bought. Honda CR-V Rear Differential Problem? ironic that when I dropped off the car the service manager dismissed my reference to the noise and the rear diff fluid) yet Note for anyone in the orlando area do not take your car to bob dance subaru on 17-92. XenonZcar. 99 FP020000 DIFF FLUID 20000 CPS. $65. I used the Mobil Synthetic. oil and replaced it with A quick heads up on OEM diff fluid, before I decided to change my diff all together, I went to the dealership and got their stuff. Secondly I Find great deals on eBay for rc diff fluid. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an aqueous urea solution made with 32. This is a different differential than previous generations of Pilot, and different service interval. Hello everyone, I have a new to me 05 escape xlt with a 3. Remove filler plug on passenger side to rear of CVT boot. I just changed my diff fluid over the weekend. Discussion in '3rd Gen Tundras (2014+)' started by apbreaux, Apr 1, 2019. Black Grease (6588) If you have the owner's manual it will tell you what kind and weight fluid you need. The transfer case fluid did look pretty good when I drained it- and it's such a huge PITA to refill I probably won't be changing that stuff again. I'll be sticking with this fluid rather than the GM 75/85. My repair manual and research on this forum says the rear diff should take 3. Internal mechanical problems affecting the differential. 6 ft-lb. I was going to do it myself. What weight diff fluid is everyone running in the front and rear? I’ve seen a few different people running 75-140 in the rear and gearbox and 75-90 in the front diff while some others running 75-90 in both front and rear diff. need to know proper fluid to use. Thanks, Rico Step #7 Fill Diff with Correct amount of fluid To take out the fill plug simply use a 3/8" drive socket wrench. 25 pints (118mL) of Limited Slip Additive. I have a 2002 ezgo workhorse st sport. diff fluid

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