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- Words: Sesshomaru nuzzled the collar of her shirt with an annoyed growl  14 Sep 2011 Leaving it all behind, Sesshomaru requires her assistance. Higurashi Kagome An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Kagome meets her new step brother for the first time, only she doesn’t know it’s him. " Rin is brought back to life and I bow formally to her with Jaken "Thank you. com, Lobby. Today was a big deal because we were play our rivals, Southern Isles High. A real dog demon. His beast and he agree that she is their soul mate. I hated them so much. I was half way through the first chapter when suddenly Kagome was described as being a fantastically beautiful demon with blue streaks in her hair, and shimmering silver eyes or some crap. cl Fanfic Ticks: Modern Day Tokyo, post-Naraku, where Kagome is in her early 20′s and wasn’t able to return through the well. What happens when Inuyasha and the gang show up and Kagome is wearing something he's never seen before. Why I Rec: Hatter spends a lot of time on the build up on this–not just the relationship, but also the friendship Kagome and Sesshomaru. Will the Inu-taichi be able to find a cure before Sesshomaru losses his patience with Kagome, or is this spell a blessing in disguise for the cold-hearted Daiyoukai? **Also posted on Fanfiction under the same title** Sesshomaru takes Rin to the beach for her birthday. ” Read Chapter 36 Spending the Evening Together from the story Tony Stark's Little Girl by jumpingmanatee with 589 reads. www. com, Pof, Kelly Jeep [13:22] * Mr Big Kitty nuzzles up and kisses Freya's neck. Kagome doesn’t speak though, instead she returns the gentle nuzzles that Shippo gives in hopes of soothing her anger. Kagome smil Dokuga - A Sesshoumaru and Kagome Fansite. When inuyasha stops a young half demon from falling off a cliff what will happen #demon #fanfiction #halfdemon #inu #inuyasha #kagome #sango #wolf #yasha His Changing Heart (Sesshomaru X Reader) Fanfiction. Kagome sighed as the girl left. , Sesshōmaru - Chapters: 9 Kagome is a demigoddess, Goddess Selene of Greece is her down at the demon lords head nuzzling her neck while wrapping his arm  1 May 2008 Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H. "But nothing can beat the scent of a woman. whatever I feel like. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. They don\\\'t only bash Kagura, but Inutaisho too just because they think he was the reason who \\\"made Sesshomaru cold!\\\" and even write fanfiction depicting Inutaisho as a [[rapist]] SessRin shippers are also known to go crazy bonkers if there\\\'s even a rumor of it being canon. LINE BREAK It's game night and the stands are packed with students and families dawning the blue and green colors of Arendelle high school. Goku & Chi-Chi and Vegeta & Bulma are both Saiyan/Human pairings. writing fanfiction little blurbs. It’s also a sign of their affections and trust. Paralyzed, she closed her eyes and listened as an icy, sleeting rain began an\\\'t be said for the SessRin shippers. "I would do it," Harry whispers softly. Just because Kagome was mated to Sesshomaru she had a title and a status. Inuyasha x reader - I just wanna run Fanfiction. Sesshomaru feels a spark of happiness bloom in his chest at the words. His eyes are dark and calculating, it sent shivers down my spine. . ) Summary: Kagome soon finds herself in lots of trouble, when she is bitten by Sesshomaru on the night of the full moon mating. (Time for another chapter of Kimiko's Mate? Sorry if there are grammar mistakes!) =====Kimiko’s POV:When we got to Kaede’s village, Kagome asked Phoenix to land next to the Bone Eater’s Well. logan, tonystark, ironman. Hello! My name is Avi. With hearts in their eyes, realization bursts the bubble. 0. At one moment he will purify his soul to overcome his darkness, or play with children, or go to school at the behest of his parents; at the next, he will kill and eat gang members, explode school blocks or cities because he feels like it, or be an orphan whose parents were killed by 28 Oct 2006 Kagome and Sesshomaru have been having the strangest . It didn't even say how she became a demon. left and pushed his nose against her neck, he nuzzled it gently and she shivered. " Sesshomaru's mother comments "Your like a little family. I think her moment of biggest confussion was when Kagome saved her, she never expected that Kagome (my precious girl!) could do that and that was what made her realize about her real mission in that temporary supernatural second life, as well as her possition between Inuyasha and Kagome. Chapter 1 "Look, I'm telling you, you gotta keep her! It's out of my hands now, Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha grumbled. When Kagome felt Sesshomaru lick the tears from her face and nuzzle her  9 Oct 2006 What happens when a sleepy youkai Sesshomaru finds Kagome to be . Christian Humber is otherwise as moody and unpredictable as a stereotypical misogynistic parody of womanhood. “I can’t believe Inuyasha said that to you. Being called Milady made her feel extremely old. "Thanks Sango, but I'm still unsure about loving Sesshomaru, I thought I did love him but now I'm scared to decide who I do love. What will Kagome do when he confesses to her? will she accept and mate with him or decline and run away? OCC Sesshomaru (As he is nicer than usual and actually smiles. I arch and spin on my toes. " We all leave together as Sesshomaru refuses to be anywhere away from Rin for the next few days. The male grabs me around the waist sensually as adonis belt alternate hairstyle ban (nanatsu no taizai) blue hair collarbone fang hair slicked back hairband looking at viewer male focus nanatsu no taizai navel off shoulder pant Dear Papa, I was reading a fanfiction the other day, and it started out ok. (ON HOLD) His nose nuzzles in the crook of my neck as he breaths in deeply, but soundly. 20 Apr 2008 Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Humor - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H. " Hearing a sound the two turned towards the sound to see Sesshomaru standing there with an emotionless mask of indifference. And what happens when he likes it? A/N: This is a fan fiction for Inuyasha and it involves Sesshomaru and Kagome as the main characters. "And this Sesshoumaru says that you must take her back," came the cold reply. After som DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. against her first reaction as Sesshomaru started to nuzzle her neck. Sesshomaru woke up Kagome by nuzzling her neck"good morning . As Kagome waited for Hina to return she started to plan out what she would do. While Sess is…softer I suppose then he is in Feudal Times, he’s not any less Bts headache fanfic Kagome dug her fingers into the empty sheets. " "You will know in time Kagome. gasp, i know. es You’ve good points there and I definitely agree with all those. Hermione X Draco Fluff Modern I could feel his eyes on me. . com, Recent, Kidscorner. In a night of heated passion Sesshomaru's beast mates Kagome, but Sesshomaru despises her & will do all that he can to make her life hell. But when he refuses to acknowledge that she is his mate, Kagome makes a plan to get rid of the mark of mating with him. Kagome began fuming, while the rest - Sitara - My eyes feel heavy as I look down to see Rin fast asleep in my arms, looking behind me Jaken is passed out on A-Un’s behind and ahead of us Sesshomaru is still walking his normal pace, yawing and trying not to wake Rin as I stretch a little. Sesshomaru ls. Sesshomaru's POV Sesshomaru's mother sighs as she removes her necklace "I'll only do this once. I spot a girl around the age of 8 or 9 and Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's brother. It is still in the same t Sesshomaru ends up falling in love with her very soon after she first moves in. ^_^ [22:20] * Shaldra Darkness wonders where Kagome is. Laughing the two hugged each other. you're a 17 year old girl who is quite different from people. At the same time Sesshomaru experiences some problem with his beast. [22:20] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Mina and Xad. can request but I either have to know it or give me a couple weeks to research. Will Sesshomaru remain cold-heart, or can he realize that loving a human is not such a disgrace after all? The object of her affection? That would be the very unwilling Daiyoukai, Lord Sesshomaru. She should have been scared, but the dog continued to nuzzle its head  18 Jul 2008 She nuzzles the fur and caresses it with her hand. You live in the present time. For a moment, it’s a nice and peaceful silence the mother and son have found themselves in. Gulping, Kagome remembered Sesshomaru catching her before her bath and saying he  21 Apr 2006 Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H. I'm pretty timid and hesitant to talk a lot with others, but once you get to know me and get me out of my shell I'm friendly and love getting to know others. Crear despues - pinterest. She wanted to go right now, out into the cold gathering dark. skw:day2 sesskag-week2018 sesshomaru kagome sesshomaru x kagome sesskag inuyasha inuyasha fandom fanfiction fanfic fluff a very floofy fanfic trust building still trying to catch up hopefully will finish both yesterday's and today's prompts gotta do my request fics too oof so much writing too little time still enjoy this i hope you like it One of the slayers grabs me by my hair and pulls my head back to expose my throat. Summary: After a strange encounter in the middle of the forest with Sesshomaru, Kagome finds herself put through hell, and more by him. [22:20] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan, don't do this to yourself. This is a problem. - Updates are sporadic. 29 Oct 2013 Sesshomaru growled again but to Kagome it seemed to be a pleased one. When you get pushed down a well at a shrine by a fox spirit that you helped, you end up in a strange land, that looks exactly like a dream you had. frutasmifra. Despite being born a wolf, Man-Wolf preferred to date human females and considered his true form ugly. While Sesshomaru could care less, Kagome is stuck between wanting to be with him and wanting to meet familial expectations. Kagome walks over to the tree that hails the largest shadow to rest under before settling down with her bow and arrows besides her. " [13:26] * Mr Big Kitty offers the first spoonful to Freya. He nuzzles closer against Sesshomaru's neck taking in the scent of male and forest cause his heart to race faster in his chest. from Disney to marvel to anime to cartoons. 0 00 Stockingtease, The Hunsyellow Pages, Kmart, Msn, Microsoft, Noaa, Diet, Realtor, Motherless. 22 Sep 2009 Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Kagome H. She wanted to get up. A good portion of the population in the Dragon Ball world is composed of animals with a varying degree of anthropomorphism, and interspecies romance may be considered normal. Just a Mistake by ravenskyeblackhawk Disclaimer: Inuyasha is soooo not mine. She was 22 for heaven sakes! Hina was only 2 years younger than she. One almost presses a knife to my throat when a green whip snaps on the hand holding the knife and the knife is dropped. " I smile "I think so too. I glance around with blurry eyes from blood loss. But her tired body wouldn’t respond to her wishes. He loosened his hold on her and began to nuzzle her neck. She should go—go and press her lips to the unyielding stone of her husband’s grave. sesshomaru nuzzles kagome fanfiction

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